RZ/G Linux Platform Development Environment [Trial License] Free
Update: December 11, 2018

Renesas Electronics Corporation
It is a free license to try out the development environment.

Product Overview

[Overview and usage]
- This is a license to try out the Linux platform development environment.
- When applying, we will issue an account to use development environment to your e-mail address of your
 Marketplace registration information.
- With one license, one user can access the Verification and Analysis tool.
 To use the Verificationand Analysis tool simultaneously by multiple users, please apply for the number of licenses
 to the number of users. (Please click the Request button and set the license quantity in the cart)
 Regardless of the number of licenses, you can create build users up to 10 users per server.
- You can download and use the development environment with the issued account.
- For details on how to download, please refer to the Development Environment Guide.
- For details on how to install and operate, please refer to the
 RZ/G Linux Platform Development Environment User's Manual for the Linux Customization Tool, the Verification and Analysis Tools
 Build Server Setup Manual for RZ/G Linux Platform Development Envilonment

[Deliverables licensed from Renesas]
- Account
- Linux customization tool (including Linux server startup file)
- Verifiction and analysis tool
- Test program (Verification pattern)
- Verified Linux Package

[Free software provided from Renesas]
Refer to the Development environment guide and obtain them from the Renesas website.
- Smart Configurator
- e2studio

[What you need to prepare]
- PC for Linux server ( For the recommended configuration, refer to the Development Environment Guide )
- Windows PC for development
- Development Board ( Boards can be purchased from here )

[Restrictions and notes]
- Because licenses are issued based on Marketplace registration information, please register it accurately.
 If the registration information is inaccurate, it may take time to issue the license for confirmation,
 or in some cases we may refuse license issuance.
- Trial license can not be applied to mass production products. Please apply for a product license for product
 development and mass production.
- Please be aware that we may check your usage status of development environment during license period.
- It usually takes 3 business days to issue an account after receiving the application, but it may take about 1 week
 depending on the export control process.
- In Renesas there is a review of license issuance. Please acknowledge that the license may not be issued according to
 the result of the examination.

- If you have any inquiries, please contact here.