Approach to CIPTM
Update: May 21, 2018

Renesas Electronics Corporation
The CIP Super Long-Term Support kernel is introduced into RZ/G Linux Platform !
RZ/G Linux Platform reduces kernel maintenance costs and users can easily introduce
industrial-grade Linux kernel to the product.

What is Civil Infrastructure PlatformTM(CIPTM) Project?

 "The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) Initiative, hosted by the Linux Foundation and driven by the world's leading manufacturers of civil infrastructure systems, aims at providing a base layer - a set of industrial grade core open source software components, tools and methods to create Linux-based embedded systems that meet the requirements of modern societal infrastructure." (cited from CIP Whitepaper (April 2017).)
For the details of CIP project, please refer to .

Key features of CIP project

1. Kernel with Super Long-Term Support (SLTS), more than 10 years

 Maintaining Linux in industrial and social infrastructure applications presents unique challenges for equipment manufacturers. These machines typically require support for more than 10 years, whereas the maximum Long-Term Support (LTS) Linux maintenance period only runs approximately two years. In addition, industrial-grade software requires high reliability, safety and security, and real-time or near real-time performance.
CIP community has been making available Super Long-Term Support (SLTS) kernel and plans to maintain 4.4 for security and bug fixes for more than 10 years.
Super Long Term Support over 10 years

2. Activities for the Linux kernel with real-time capabilities

 "Real-time capabilities: Automation and control tasks appear abundantly in industrial settings, and deterministic response times are often required.
CIP will not develop individual solutions, but will ensure cooperation with or provide sponsorship for the existing approaches to real-time enhanced Linux."
(cited from CIP Whitepaper (April 2017).)
 CIP is a gold sponsor of Real-Time LinuxTM (RTL) Collaborative Project. RTL project is working for developing, maintaining and mainlining of Preemtp RT patchset related to the real-time capability of the Linux Kernel. CIP is planning to maintain the SLTS kernel tree with Preempt RT patchset.
Real-Time LINUX

3. Provide kernel test environment (B@D)

 "Civil infrastructure industry has high stability, reliability and security standards in order to ensure safety critical systems. A project has been formed to address this reality called "CIP Testing". So far the efforts are focused on testing the CIP kernel. In the future they will be extended to the complete CIP platform. "
(cited from CIP Wiki )
 CIP project provides the environment for testing: Borard At Desk (B@D). B@D will be planned to support iWave RZ/G1M Qseven Development Platform (iwg20m).
CIP Testing (B@D)

Renesas Electronics Corporation has joined CIP project as a Platinum member since Feb. 2017.

 Customers can take our "Verified Linux Package" with SLTS kernel CIP 4.4 provided by CIP from this marketplace and this "Verified Linux Package" is ready to run on the reference boards and our partner's boards. (We start with RZ/G1M on iWave Development Kit and we will extend the support to the other RZ/G1 SoC and the other boards.)
 We displayed a audio-recording demo with Preempt RT at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017 on Oct. 23-25, 2017. In this demo, we used the CIP 4.4 kernel we applied Preempt RT.

Audio-recording demo

Audio-recording demo