RZ/G Series Security Solution
Update: December 21, 2018

Renesas Electronics Corporation
RZ/G series products provides a security solution as a part of "Verified Linux Package".
The security solution provides the functions, such as "encrypted kernel booting", "Encrypted communications", "Secure software update" and "Secure storage", to protect user products from network threat in the age of IoT.

Product Overview

Security Solution provides software and tools for RZ/G security.
Security Software is a part of the Verified Linux Package and can be used with it.
Tools use for installing security to user products. By tools, user can reduce the work load.
Because of our procedure and export control, it may take the approximately 10 degree of business days,
before Security Solution can be offered to you.

- Functions
Security solution provides the following functions

Encrypted kernel booting
 The kernel in the non-volatile memory is encrypted to prevent illegal copying of software.
 Detection of tampering or the illegal copying is enable at the booting up.
Encrypted communications
 Secure communications are enable by mutual authentication between the product and server
Secure storage
 Data are encrypted and decrypted by device-specific key.
 By device-specific key, only the product in which encrypted the data can decrypt the data.
Secure software updates
 The key and Linux kernel used in encrypted kernel booting are updated safely.
Basic cryptographic functions
 The basic functions of encryption/decryption provided.

- target device

- Release Note
 Release Note:V1.0.1 (PDF)
 Release Note:V1.0.2 (PDF)
 Release Note:V1.0.3 (PDF)
 Release Note:V1.1.0 (PDF)
 Release Note:V1.1.1 (PDF)


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