RZ/G1 Group BSP Manual Set
Update: May 9, 2019

Renesas Electronics Corporation
This is the set of user manuals that cover the driver module functions and interface specifications for controlling the hardware mounted on RZ/G1 products.

Product Overview

This file contains the user manuals for the following device drivers for RZ/G1 products:
• Audio driver • SCIF driver
• Display driver • SD card interface
• DMA driver • U-BOOT
• Ethernet driver • USB host driver
• GPIO driver • USB function driver
• HSCIF driver • Video capture driver
• I2C driver • MSIOF driver
• Kernel core • MMC driver
• QSPI driver • SATA driver

 - Kernel version 4.4-CIP/4.4-CIP-RT (Target: RZ/G1H, RZ/G1M, RZ/G1N, RZ/G1E, RZ/G1C)