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LIN Driver Sample Code
0 Votes
I have searched for LIN driver under the sample for the RL78/F15 (R5F113GL - Microcontroller). and found that it will be available upon request only. Can you provide the driver for LIN INTERFACE (RS-LIN LITE) for the renesas part number RL78/F15(R5F113GL-Microcontroller)....
RZ/G2E pin settings to boot from sdcard
0 Votes
RZ/G2E evaluation board(ek874 serial no: 37) pin settings to boot from sdcard/emmc
RZ/G2E ek874 yocto build
0 Votes
yocto build with latest QT (5.11.x)
QSPI HAL Driver Module issue
0 Votes
HI, I am using QSPI HAL Driver module which is available on the Renesas website. This module has a project written for Winbond flash device. I am using it for accessing QSPI F-RAM device which has same opcode support. I am using SK-SG72 board. When I am reading any of the status register or device ID, see that after every command, controller is generating 9 clock instead 8 clock per byte. This is very consistent for every command. Does anyone faced this issue? If yes, please let me know how to fix it. I appreciate your help...
Calibrating low speed on chip oscillator
0 Votes
It a low power application which requires the micro to be in STOP mode 99.85% of the time. I want to use the fIL (low speed on chip oscillator: 15K=kHz +/- 15%), to generate periodic interrupts every 500msec. Timer RJ is initialized to a certain value that corresponds to 500msec of real time. But given that this fIL has an accuracy of 15% (which is huge), I'd like to find a way to correct it in case it drifts 1 or 2% from 15kHz (it nominal frequency). Again, this could easily be solved with the use of an external crystal...

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