EtherCAT Master Stack [Evaluation version]

acontis technologies GmbH
EC-Master is a master-side protocol stack designed and optimized to work on different embedded (real-time) operating systems.

Product Overview

• Full compliance with ETG.1500 Master Classes
• Small-footprint programs
- Can be further adjusted by disabling unused features
• Optimized high-performance Ethernet driver
• Can work in combination with multiple Feature Packs
- Class-A + Cable Redundancy + Hot Connect + Distributed Clocks
• Successful track record in Japan as a master stack for embedded systems.
To ensure high interoperability, we participate in every Plug Fest event in Japan and world-wide.

Evaluation version
Customers ordering the evaluation version should select the “EC-Master Linux” check box when submitting an order on the following registration page link (Acontis Inc.):

After you register, Acontis will provide the download link.