This page lists the software applicable to RZ/G platform.

Software applicable to RZ/G2

Software applicable to RZ/G2

The software applicable to RZ/G2 is in preparation now. We will release it as soon as we are ready.

Software applicable to RZ/G1

  • wolfSSL SSL/TLS Embedded Library

    wolfSSL is a lightweight C-language-based SSL/TLS library for embedded systems.

  • EtherCAT Master Stack [Evaluation version]

    EC-Master is a master-side protocol stack designed and optimized to work on different embedded (real-time) operating systems.

    acontis technologies GmbH
  • Warp!! [Evaluation Version]

    Warp!! is a quick-start solution for embedded Linux and Android systems.
    Its track record of widespread adoption makes Warp!! the solution of choice for quick booting.

    Lineo Solutions, Inc.
  • Ubiquitous QuickBoot

    Fast Boot Solution for Linux and Android

    Ubiquitous AI Corporation
  • Ubiquitous DeviceSQL

    Compact and High-Speed database for embedded devices

    Ubiquitous AI Corporation
  • TrulyHandsfree Voice Control

    Noise robust always-listening wake word engine with voice barge-in capability and local phrase-spotted command.

    Sensory, Inc.

    ITTIA DB SQL offers RZ/G device manufactures a modular software architecture that enables devices to collect, store and manage data. It is highly optimized and reliable, with a low total cost of ownership. With ITTIA DB SQL, developers build robust, high-value products, with no database administrator to manage and connect data. ITTIA DB SQL libraries are cross-platform, supporting C, C++ and various scripting languages.

  • OpenCV Face Detection Sample Program

    This software is face detection sample program and its source code which runs on RZ/G1 series.

    Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • ZoomVoice

    ZoomVoice software enables emphasizing a voice from target direction and suppressing ambient noises

    Techno Mathematical Co., Ltd.