RZ/G Linux Platform Development Environment Tutorial Manual
Update: December 11, 2018

Renesas Electronics Corporation
This manual describes how to develop focused on using the "Linux Customization tool" and "Verification and Analysis tools" on the e2studio environment, in the development environment services provided by the RZ/G Linux platform. And more, this also describes the available features for using ICE, and the application development features provided by e2studio.

Product Overview

This tutorial manual explains how to develop using the RZ/G Linux Platform Development Environment.

What is Covered

  • Development/Evaluation on the iWave Board:
     Creating a Linux image, Executing Verification/Analysis, Embedding a User Program
  • Porting to a user board:
     Creating and Debugging BootLoader/U-boot, Customizing and Debugging your kernel, Changing pin assignments,
     Executing Verification/Analysis
  • User application development:
     Creating and Debugging user applications, Embedding them into the Linux boot environment