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  • RZ/G Linux Platform Development Environment

    This supports the development of your Linux products from building Linux server to building, verification, analysis,terminal configuration.

    Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • RZ / G Linux platform introduction support

    From how to install RZ / G Linux platform to how to useI will explain.

    Coming soon!

    Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • RZ/G~Hazard-Detecting Stereo Camera

    This is a demo for a hazard detection system using object recognition technology. Using the RZ/G, a microprocessor optimized for image processing, the stereo camera uses 3D processing information to recognize objects in 10fps. This makes it easier ...

    Renesas Electronics Corporation
  • Renesas RZ/G Door Phone Demo

    This is the Renesas RZ/G1 video door-phone demo in which one live video signal and three H.264-compressed MP4 movies are sent over Ethernet between sending and receiving boards (in this case RZ/G1M Starter Kits). This demo showcases multi-stream video compression/decompression along with Qt graphics.

    Renesas Electronics Corporation

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